Developmental Milestones

April 13, 2018

As April continues to roll on we are enjoying being outside a little more as a clinic. Spring and summer is a great time of year for children because they can grow and develop in a very natural environment that give them sensory information that is often very calming.  As we continue into to summer we would like to provide you with activities to improve developmental skills.

First, we need to have a good understanding of development.  We all develop in multiple areas including gross motor, fine motor, visual motor, social and emotional skills, communication and language, and cognition.  All of these areas need to be strong for our children to have their best chance to complete daily activities.  In order to understand what our kids should be doing it is important to first understand developmental norms.

You find norms everywhere, they often vary from place to place.  Today we wanted to supply a good resource to track your child’s development. The CDC website provides development based on age as well as a tracker so you can monitor your child’s development.  Finally, there are videos to see what typical development looks like.

Please continue to check back as we take on spring and summer ideas to target each of these area’s of development over the next few weeks!


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