TOTS e-Visit Update!

April 13, 2020

A few months ago if you had asked me what teletherapy or e-visits would look like for pediatric OT, PT, and Speech I would have told you I was not entirely sure. I knew it could be done, had been done, and would continue to be but I had no personal experience. Fast forward to mid-March 2020 and I began to learn rapidly.

At TOTS, we took the current pandemic and quarantine instructions seriously, while maintaining our high standards for patient care and progress. We trained together, researched together, and created go bags to use in telehealth. We worked with each family to create the right plan for their child during this pandemic. We continue to daily share ideas to make sessions better, classes to watch and grow, and stories of how to make our practice better. Where I stand today I can tell you exactly what e-visits look like for me, different and tailored to every patient just as my sessions in clinic were.

The coolest part is all of our therapists sessions look different. The set up’s are different, the activities fit their clients, and the spaces are organized differently. We have done feeding therapy, crafts, games, ADLs, strengthening, articulation activities, obstacle courses, and even celebrated a birthday party!

As of today, we are not sure how long this will last, but we will continue to grow and make this the best experience we can for our friends and families! We wanted to give you a glimpse into what telehealth looks like for some of us!

Miss Carly doing some family education!

We have been able to do some really cool crafts with our friends!
Miss Chelsea has done some great strengthening things as well as dual attention tasks!
Miss Chelsea found a great way to use Easter eggs! Match colors, numbers, letters, practice opening and closing, fill them with notes written by the child…lots of fun to be had.
Another awesome Miss Chelsea idea. This can work on a ton of activities at once, tracing, cutting, nail clipping, hand strength, and it is just plain fun!
An online activity that can be shared and work on visual skills, writing, and spatial concepts.
Birthday parties and special guests can still happen in telehealth! You can also see Miss Jessie using a token board for rewards and many manipulatives to strengthen her patients hands!
Miss Jessie found a way to play a new game with her friend called tsuro
We have found some great resources to work on emotions! Thanks youth first for this scavenger hunt, it gets everyone moving and attending to a new task.
All those manipulatives can be used to build things and work on constructional praxis and direction following.
I enjoy treating on the floor and have had some fun with the white board dice and charades!
My work space just before snack time with a friend!
White board dice have been a big hit! Here they are with some animal walks!
Crafting with ripped paper has been a good direction following, hand strengthening, and attention task.
This has been a great time to process emotions and talk about how to deal with them! Here is a tool we found!
It has been great to pair this with the zones of regulation!
The emotion colors pair with the zones!
E-visits have been a great way to put good practices into action at home!
E-visits have also allowed increased parent education with tools like books, visual strategies, and activities.
Creating detailed schedules and organized area’s to help our friends through e-learning and being at home all the time has also been an other aspect of these online visits.
We have rediscovered tools like rhyming games and jump ropes!
Thanks to JLS Fitness for sharing this exercise worksheet! We have had great fun spelling things!

One thing we are planning to provide are ideas for you to do at home so please visit our facebook page! We will keep ideas coming over the next few week for you to keep working on as a family!

We hope you all stay safe and healthy and we will see you soon!

Melanie Witkowski, OTR, Clinic Director


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