Toy and Games to Assist in Development

April 18, 2018

At TOTS, we are frequently asked for suggestions regarding what be done home to help children grow and develop. We often provide the ideas of activities we are doing.  One thing we frequently use to promote development are toys and games.  This helps to engage your child and make this difficult therapy homework more fun.

Today we would like to provide a list a development skills as well as a link to toys and games that will help in progressing that developmental skill.  The list also includes some descriptions of how and why the toy or game will help your child. Please follow the attached links to find some fun things for home!

Keep checking back as we delve into specific developmental skills and more home ideas in each of these developmental areas over the next month.

*Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills

*Gross Motor Skills/Motor Planning Skills

Gross Motor Skills/Motor Planning Skills

*Social Play/Imagination Skills

Social Play / Imagination Skills

*Visual Skills

Visual Skills

*Scissor Skills

Scissor Skills

*Bilateral Skills

Bilateral Skills

*Prewriting Skills

Pre Writing Skills


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