About Us

  • Bettering children through engaging therapy

    When therapy is fun, you see results.

    The most effective pediatric therapy is enjoyable for both children and families. We aim to create a fun and supportive atmosphere, allowing kids to learn and grow in ways that feel like play. By involving families, through specifically designed home programs to further therapy progress, we will work together to help your child stay motivated and excited about their progress.

  • Helping your child realize their potential

    Small steps towards a promising future.

    Community helps us all be our best and TOTS wants to ensure that every child has the capability to engage, connect with, and benefit from the world around them. We’re committed to teaching children the skills necessary to live, learn, and play in their community, all in a fun, welcoming, child-friendly environment.

  • Our values drive us

    Driven by compassion.

    Everyone who walks in our door is unique. We respect the sensitivities of every family’s situation and strive always to treat patients and their families with dignity, empathy, and compassion. We are committed to healing through innovative service and we aim to inspire hope in all those we encounter.