• TOTS Steps to Success


    Before we can make a recommendation for your child, we provide a free consultation, typically over the phone. Consultations are simply an opportunity to discuss concerns and the potential benefits of therapy for your child. There is nothing hands-on, just a conversation.


    Developmental screenings are offered to preschool and daycare classes upon request. Screenings help determine a child’s developmental strengths or weaknesses as well any hearing issues they may have. We will always provide families with written results for their records and to serve as information for their physician if needed.


    If, after the consultation or screening, we determine that your child could benefit from therapy, we’ll ask you to bring him or her in for an evaluation. This phase is more hands-on and consists of observation, an interview, physical assessment, standardized testing, and treatment planning.


    At TOTS, our treatment recommendations will always be therapy based. Treatment frequency is identified with the therapist at evaluation and planned with your family. Treatment will vary from week to week and will focus on allowing your child to grow to their goals.

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    Growing up is difficult no matter what your circumstances. At TOTS, we aim to make every child’s daily life a little easier through a range of therapy services designed to help children develop critical life skills and ultimately become more independent. Because every child’s needs are unique, we staff passionate therapists equipped to address a wide variety of challenges.


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