Physical Therapy

  • Therapy Overview

    Engaging through movement
  • Physical Therapy

    Children are inquisitive and playful by nature—born explorers. So, when that ability to explore is impeded by a physical problem, it can be especially upsetting to both children and parents. If your child isn’t demonstrating age appropriate motor skills or has movement problems that limit their daily activities, physical therapy could help improve their overall strength, coordination, balance, and range of movement. As PT needs are  unique to every child, our physical therapists evaluate each child to determine their unique needs, then design fun activities to keep them engaged while addressing their goals.

    Treatment sessions could include: 
    • Gross Motor Training
    • Balance Training
    • Motor Planning
    • Stretching
    • Endurance/Strength Training
  • Does my child need physical therapy?

    While a therapist would need to conduct an evaluation to determine if your child could benefit from PT, there are some contributing factors and behavioral signs you can appraise independently.

    Compared to other children their age:
    • Your child seems to have difficulty walking, they may trip often, become fatigued, or have a gait pattern that looks different.
    • Your child has difficulty physically keeping up, they may struggle to jump, hop, stand on one foot or run.
    • Your child seems to have extremely poor balance, they may frequently fall, be unable to balance for games or activities, or struggle to ride a bike.
    • Your child seems weak in their core or legs and has to take frequent rest breaks during normal activities.
    • Your child seems to become easily fatigued and has poor endurance. They cannot keep up for day long activities with other children their age.
  • Questions about the right child therapy?