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  • Books & Resources

    • Development
      • Development
      • Steps to Independence: Teaching Everyday Skills to Children with Special Needs. — Baker, B. & Brightman, A. Baltimore, MD: Paul H. Brooks Publishing Co. (2004)
    • Sensory
      • Sensory Smarts
        A large array of resources and items to assist with child with sensory dysregulation
      • Star Institute for Sensory Processing Disorders
        Interactive information of all the various aspects of sensory processing dysfunction with resource lists, learning events, and activity ideas
      • The Out of Sync Child — Carol Kranowitz
        • The Out of Sync Child Grows Up — Carol Kranowitz
        • The Out of Sync Child Has Fun — Carol Kranowitz
      • Building Bridges through Sensory Integration 3rd edition — Paula Aquilla
      • No Longer A SECRET: Unique Common Sense Strategies for Children with Sensory or Motor Challenges — Doreit Bialer and Lucy Jane Miller
      • Sensational Kids: Hope and Help for Children With Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) — Lucy Jane Miller and Janice Roetenberg
    • Speech/Language
      • Speech Sounds
      • Kids Like Me Learn ABC’s — L. Ronay
      • Kids Like Me Learn Colors — L. Ronay
      • Early Communication Skills for Children with Down Syndrome — Kumin, L. Bethesda, MD: Woodbine House.(2003)
      • Talking is Hard for Me! Encouraging Communication in Children with Speech-Language Difficulties — Reinert, L.N. Bethesda, MD: Woodbine House. (2013)
      • The New Language of Toys: Teaching Communication Skills to Special Needs Children (Third Edition) — Schwartz, S. Bethesda, MD: Woodbine House.(2004)
    • Feeding Resources


    • About Special Kids
      About Special Kids is the place for families and professionals in Indiana to go and “ASK” questions about children with special needs.
      They provided information and resources about a variety of things including health insurance, special education, community resources and medical homes.
    • United Way of Indiana
      Provides human service programs from community development
    • Down Syndrome Indiana
      Dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals diagnosed with Down Syndrome.
    • The Indiana Resource Center for Autism
      Provide programs, research, and consultation on behalf of those diagnosed with Autism.
    • Special Needs Resource Project
      A basic guide for families with children with special needs, chronic health issues, and disabilities focused on ages 0–22.
    • Apraxia Kids
      Resources and guides to help with children diagnosed with Apraxia


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