Summer Groups Update

May 30, 2018

We are continuing to work on our summer sessions for the 2018.  We are hoping to offer the following groups.

Social Skills/Executive Functioning/Cooperative Play

This group will focus not only on proper skills such as eye contact and how to hold a conversation but delve into using those skills in a play and activity filled environment.  We are hoping to offer a group for our elementary aged friends and for our intermediate and junior high friends. We may be able to add a senior high group if interest exists.

Handwriting Group

This group will focus on fine motor development to promote growth in handwriting skills.  We will address all aspects of fine motor skills including but not limited to core strength, scapular strength, forearm/hand strength, in hand mobility, grasp patterns, and fine motor precision.

Self Regulation and Sensory Skills

This group will focus on how to calm and regulate in a group situation.  Zones of Regulation and the Incredible Flexible You Curriculum will be used in this group. We may be able to offer a group of this for our elementary and our junior high friends.

Times will be available in the next week, watch for them to be posted.  Feel free to contact us at (317)841-7005 ext 113 or emails at



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