Occupational Therapy Month

April 19, 2019

April is a great month of celebration!  We will be recognizing some of our amazing friends all month long. Today we celebrate our OTs!  Occupational Therapists are very special to our clinic and often people are not entirely certain what they do on a daily basis, especially in relation to kids.

The title suggests that OT’s deal with the occupation of the person they work with.  What preschool or elementary aged child holds down a 40 hour a week job? In the case of our friends, OT’s deal with the occupations of childhood which are playing, growing, and developing. Our OT’s work hard to give the friends they work with activities that help them get stronger in fine motor, visual motor, visual perception, executive functioning, self care, balance, gross motor, motor planning, and  sensory integration as well as much more.  They pick games, crafts, and activities that are fun but still a little bit of hard work to help the child get stronger and more proficient in his or her daily life.

To give you a better picture of scope of OT and how they might help your child we invite you to participate in this borrowed challenge from OT Tools to grow 2018, a great resource for OT activities, to take a picture of one of these things each day.  Each of these items or activity is a tool or a skill that OT can and does help children with on a daily basis.


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