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  • We Believe in Your Child

    By assessing your child’s capabilities, we’ll determine if they’d benefit from therapy. If so, we get to know them and create a plan tailored to their unique needs, interests, and personality, because when therapy is fun, you see results.
    • Occupational Therapy

      Enhance you child’s self-esteem through OT to improve cognitive, physical, sensory, and motor skills.

    • Physical Therapy

      Improve your child’s overall muscle strength, balance, and flexibility through fun, kid-friendly activities.

    • Speech Therapy

      Help your child process language, improve articulation sounds, and communicate their ideas in a socially adept way.

    • Other Programs

      Other therapy programs to help with your child’s specific skills with like individuals in fun group settings.

  • Our philosophy is learning through play as we offer a stimulating environment for children.

    • One-on-One Sessions

      Therapy sessions pair your child with one primary therapist to remediate or improve issues in an intimate environment.

    • Varied Treatments

      Unique and varied treatment methods based on children’s interests and needs are designed to keep them engaged throughout the process.

    • Complimentary Consultation

      Screenings of children’s development offered free of charge to determine abilities and therapy needs.

    • Acceleration of Progress

      Elevating children to developmental norms quickly to keep them engaged in the classroom.

    • Custom Home Programs

      Tailored exercise plans and sensory diets created to work with your family’s lifestyle.

    • My son was in speech therapy here before he started school and now you can’t even tell there was ever an issue!

      Lynsie Sutton
    • Very knowledgeable and high energy staff (perfect for my high energy 5 year old!) Love it here already after only 1 visit!

      Jenn Wilson
    • The staff is very knowledgable and really become part of the family. I enjoy the personal time they spend and the relaxed environment.

      Elaine Ogletree Winegar
    • Love the staff! They have the best interest of the child at heart!

      Betsy Chesser
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    Check out how we are staying at the forefront of developmental therapies with our News and Events. We’re constantly advancing to better your children.
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