Speech Therapy

  • Therapy Overview

    Effective communication starts early
  • Speech Therapy

    From the day they’re born, children use their mouths to explore the world in all sorts of innovative ways outside the traditional functions of speaking and eating. When those functions don’t develop as expected, it can be exceptionally frustrating for them and their loved ones. If your child is having difficulty with speech, language, or feeding, speech therapy may be the answer. Our speech therapists can help children understand and process language, increase oral motor strength, and improve coordination to ease speech and feeding concerns.

    Treatment sessions could include: 
    • Social Skills Training
    • Language Development
    • Articulation Therapy
    • Feeding Therapy

      Focused on:

      • Chewing
      • Oral sensitivities
      • Jaw strength/coordination
      • Oral motor training
    • Swallowing Difficulties
    • Stuttering Remediation
    • Executive Function Training
    • Cognitive Training
    • Auditory Processing
    • Collaboration for IEP Strategies
  • Does my child need speech therapy?

    While a therapist would need to conduct an evaluation to determine if your child could benefit from ST, there are some contributing factors and behavioral signs you can appraise independently.

    Compared to other children their age:
    • Your child doesn’t grasp simple directions or certain language concepts including but not limited to understanding or verbalizing questions/needs or concepts that are innate to our spoken language.
    • Your child is difficult to understand or has specific sounds that are not produced correctly that are noticeable in daily speech.
    • Your child struggles with nonverbal communication and expressing emotions.
    • Your child struggles with social interaction.
  • Questions about the right child therapy?