Tips for a Sensory Friendly Halloween

October 26, 2023

Halloween should be a fun time for all kids but for those with sensory issues this fun time can become a scary time for all the wrong reasons.

Here are some tips to help all to enjoy the festivities.

  • Difficulty with the bright lights, sudden noises, and textures of decorations?
    • Take your child to a big box store that they have been to before.  Let them explore the decorations in this well-lit safe space.
    • Use a pair of noise-cancelling headphones as part of the costume.  E.g., a pilot, Princess Leia, a DJ, a Martian, an animal where the headphones are covered with animal ears.
  • Costumes can be itchy and uncomfortable. Some have the smell of plastic or vinyl.
    •  Wash costumes, if possible, to eliminate odors.
    • Avoid any costume that does not fit comfortably. 
    • Have your child wear a base-layer of a comfortable set of pajamas under their costume. 
    • Onesie type costumes are generally more comfortable.
    • There are fun Halloween pajamas, t-shirts or sweatshirts that can be worn in lieu of a costume.
    • Practice wearing the costume a couple of hours a day until Halloween.  It could help to have them do a favorite activity while wearing the costume.
  • Other fun ideas
    • Take a practice walk during the day of the route you will take on Halloween. 
    • Discuss the things you see and if anything looks concerning to your child, agree that you will skip that location. 
    • Create a map of the route you will go on together crossing off places to avoid.
  • Not ready to trick or treat?  Consider a fun alternative. 
    • Have trick or treating inside your home with different family members answering the doors of the different rooms. 
    • Play a game as a family.
    • Have a sensory friendly Halloween craft night.

Everyone at Theracare wishes you and your family a Boo-rific Time!!


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